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By Irfan Khan

Frequently Asked Questions about wedding photography

How do we hire you?

Let’s have an initial meeting at a place convenient to you, and if you wish to book us, we will send you a standard agreement. Your date is secured as soon as you sign it (online) and deposit the retainer (via email transfer, car payment or cash).

Why fixed packages?

Many photographers try to negotiate and gauge the client’s appetite via knowing the location, guests etc. We don’t do that, we have straight packages which are as great as another 10-15K package offered by someone else.

Can we have a custom package?

Yes, we can create a perfect package for you once we have the required details of the wedding.

Why your prices are low? Anything which is compromised on quality, equipment etc.?

We are able to bring our prices down by keeping our business model as lean as possible. We are not located in a commercial space, we don’t pay rent for a fancy studio, we have automated our workflow, we don’t hire permanent employees – only contractors, partnered with vendors for preferred rates.


While we spent money (your precious money, which ultimately the bride pays) on high-grade equipment and quality products through which we pass the quality product and lots of savings to the bride and groom.

What kind of weddings do you do?

We do all kinds of weddings. Christian, Jew, Hindu, Punjabi, Muslim are few to name.


What is your style of photography?

Contemporary & Modern is our specialty. If you want us to create something else, let us know and we will make it happen.

Are there any other fees?

Absolutely not, everything is included. Travel within GTA is part of the package.

Do you offer RAW images?

No, we don’t share the raw unedited pictures with our customers.

How many pictures do we get?

Though we don’t guarantee a number of pictures as different weddings can produce a different number of pictures., on an average you can get 25-30 pictures per hour with one photographer excluding break and travel times. It doesn’t necessarily double up with 2 photographers, as both may be covering the same event. E.g. 6 hours package with 1 photographer, 1-hour travel and break time will result in approximately 150 pictures.

Do you know about our venue? Did you do the shoot before there?

For a professional photographer, the venue doesn’t matter. We will generate the same beauty and quality pictures at any venue whether it's indoor or outdoor.

Any last moment extension of hours?

Past agreed hours, we offer a free 30 minutes extension. After that, fixed A-La-Carte rates are applied which is CAD 150 per hour.

HST is included in the price?



Any female photographer on-board?

Yes, we have them on our staff. Let us know the requirements in advance if in certain events only females can enter.

Do you offer an online gallery?

Yes, with PIN protection.

Do you offer cloud backup?

Yes, with 10 years guaranteed storage at an additional price.